One Mission.

Four Related Areas of Law. 

I’m not a generalist.   I practice four areas of law.   They support each other, reinforce each other, and have synergy.  They are all needed by the same client families.   I have a lot of experience and training in those four areas, plus a long background and unique skillsets that fit them perfectly.   I do them very well.  And I refer out everything else (to experts in other areas of law).  

A Small Boutique Law Practice

I serve a select, fairly small group of wonderful Kansas clients, and their friends.  The vast majority of my clients are referred to me by someone I know, including satisfied prior clients.  This site is designed for those referrals (new friends, whom I’ve yet to meet) to learn about me.  It’s not designed to attract random DIY researchers on the web, but I’m glad if some of them benefit too.

I pride myself on giving excellent legal results, being very high touch, client-focused, with low overhead and reasonable pricing, allowing me to deliver great value to clients.


Learn Free Here, or Just Call.  

The insights and information on this site are free, but hopefully valuable.  Read!  Learn!  And thank you for stopping by, and investing any of your most valuable commodity: your time.   I look forward to meeting you.