Endorsements and Testimonials from Prior Clients.
Each authentic, quoted verbatim.

(Original hard copy documents retained on file at law office.)

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Client Testimonials

“Thank you so very much for your help settling [my late wife’s] estate.  You made a bewildering process understandable.  You are awesome at what you do!  It was a pleasure to work with you.” 

Michael K., in Linwood, Leavenworth County, KS.  (Probate Estate)

“Trey – you did an excellent job on our Trust, took your time as not to rush the process, and that means a lot to us.  As I have other legal needs, I plan to always start with you.”   Tim V., in Lenexa, Johnson County, KS.  (Estate Planning, including a Special Needs Trust)

“You have done a wonderful job.  It certainly was a challenging one.  You were thorough, and each step has been easy to understand.  I enjoyed working with you.”  Gail T., in Leavenworth County, KS.  (Probate - involving real estate title disputes)

“Thank you for your very detailed review and analysis of the Trust Agreement.  I really hope this will now help us all to come to a harmonious mutual agreement about how to handle the estate!  Bless your work!”   Lora L.W., Central MO.  (Trust Administration; Analysis of existing Trust Agreement, and of legal issues or problems arising from how Trustee was administering it)

“You are amazing, Trey!  Thanks so much!”  Kristi C., Overland Park, KS.  (Estate Planning, including a very unique, specialty trust, plus help in retitling assets correctly)

“Trey Hanna assisted my wife and I in revising our estate documents, providing expert legal and personal advice on our complex business and family trust documents.   The attention to detail, personal knowledge, and ability to weave through the intricacies of our many trusts was not only helpful, but extremely critical to my wife and I.  The entire process was professionally attended to, and clearly delineated, to ensure that we achieved our intended goals.”   Don R., Shawnee, Johnson County, KS.  (Estate Planning, overhaul of very complex set of many trusts and assets, for a blended family owning multiple businesses)

“Trey – I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need, or to use your skills myself again.  You did a truly great job, were super patient, and helped us [an extended family] out of a bind that would have been disastrous.  I really am glad we found you.”   Mary E., Olathe, Johnson County, KS.  (Trust Administration advice, and facilitating negotiation among all family members involved, to avoid breaches of fiduciary duty, fights, and possible litigation.  Mediating family disputes.)

“Trey – I want you to know that you have gained my utmost trust and confidence.   Thank you for your very detailed explanation of our issues and solution.”  Sandy W., Olathe, Johnson County, KS.  (Trust analysis, interpretation, and administration of an existing irrevocable trust.  Mediating disputes between Trustee and a third-party financial institution.)

“I highly recommend Trey Hanna.  After my husband passed away unexpectedly, Trey went above and beyond to help me take care of all the challenging issues we faced.  He worked hard to get me through probate court with the best possible outcome.  He also set up a family trust for me, to ensure that my children are taken care of, should anything happen to me.  He worked with me every step of the way, and made sure that I was involved and fully understood each step of the process.  He is very personable and easy to work with.  Trey’s assistance through these legal matters has been an invaluable asset to my family and me!”  Pam J., Overland Park, Johnson County, KS.  (Extremely complex probate estate, for a [younger] man who died with many assets, but no estate planning documents in place.)

“I really appreciate your facilitation and oversight of the estate work you’ve done for [my late] Dad, and in advance for Mom.  You’ve done a great job of mediating all of our personalities!!  You can quote me.  You deserve it.” Mary W., Overland Park, Johnson County, KS.  (Trust Administration for deceased parent.  Trust modifications for living parent.  Plus, hosting family meetings to explain and mediate with entire family of adult children and spouses, to ensure harmony and prevent future disagreements, suspicions, or fighting.)

“Thank you for going above and beyond.  It is a pleasure to work with you.”  Tim N., Lenexa, Johnson County, KS.  (Contract negotiations and drafting.)

“My wife was struggling with the communication skills of our prior estate planning lawyer, so we met with Trey Hanna, with the hopes that he could clarify some issues and help educate her with the details.  We have a blended family with many accounts, with a wide variety of assets in multiple states, and family members in multiple countries.   There were many challenges in understanding all the options and laws.  Trey worked diligently with us to get a clear understanding of our needs, the strengths and weaknesses of various family members - and the dynamics between them, before recommending a trust structure tailored to our needs.  He developed an extremely customized estate plan, involving multiple trusts, of different types, for the different people and scenarios involved.  My wife and I were far happier with Trey Hanna, as his communication and organizational skills were excellent.  He often sent us detailed emails explaining our options, instead of just verbally bombarding us, which can be confusing.  He offered detailed help on re-titling specific assets, to get them all set up right, to work with our new estate plan.  He accommodated our busy travel schedule, with each meeting.  Overall, Trey was very likeable, easy to work with, and is a great communicator.  We were very pleased with the outcome of our estate planning.”  Mr. D.S.H., of Lenexa, Johnson County, KS.  (Complex estate planning for a blended family, new marriage, non-US citizen, for family of business owners, with assets – and future beneficiaries – located in multiple states and outside the USA.)  

“Trey: I truly appreciate your efforts.  Our family has benefitted greatly from the level of services you provided and will definitely reach out to you again as needed.”  Mrs. A.H., Overland Park, Johnson County, KS.  (Estate Planning.  Plus hosting and mediating numerous “family meetings” among elderly mother, her adult children, their spouses, to explain the issues, rights, processes, and to facilitate family agreement and harmony, and resolve any suspicion, mistrust, or disharmony among the extended family.  Involved significant, complex assets: multiple farms; oil and gas leases; artwork; financial assets.)

“Trey – I am so grateful for your effective, professional services.  You kept me continually informed, and you were able to resolve a complicated [litigation] case which was badly mishandled by my previous attorney, all in a short time frame.  Your level of experience and knowledge of litigation proved to be invaluable for my case.  I am happy to recommend your services!  Thank you again!”  Marcia A.W., rural Jackson County, MO.  (Fiduciary Litigation.  Extremely bitter family litigation, arising from repeated, flagrant “breaches of fiduciary duty” by an eldest child as Successor Trustee, after death of parents.  Already pending for 18 months, it was settled very favorably within 2 months after I took over the file.)  

“Trey – Thanks for your help on this property purchase.  Your legal services exceeded my expectations, and we will definitely keep you in mind as needs arise in future.”  Mr. J.W.T., rural MO, North of St. Joseph.  (Negotiated, conducted Due Diligence, and drafted contracts, for client’s acquisition of a Medical Office Building, as Investment Property.)  (This client paid me 50% more than I asked for, since the value I added was much higher than my invoice.  A rare event for any lawyer.)