Real Estate Law - Transactions, and Disputes

Real Estate Purchases, Sales, and Leases.   I've been fascinated by real estate transactions, and real estate investing, since law school.   I am one of the only real estate lawyers in the Kansas City Metro Area that has earned the "Certified Commercial Investment Member" Certificate (CCIM), which is an industry certification specifically about Commercial and Investment Real Estate.   It required hundreds of hours of coursework and tests (completely separate from law school) and also required a "portfolio" of at least 10 transactions, worth $10M or more, that I personally handled, written up like a Thesis or Dissertation.  I love working on a sale, with the Buyer or Seller, or on a large commercial lease (re)negoation, with Landlord or Tenant.  The rights, liabilities, and the amounts of money at stake, are simply too large for you to skimp on legal representation.   You'll pay your realtor a commission of 2% to 4% of the transaction size.  Legal fees are often just a fraction of that amount.   Be wise and prudent; the printed words on paper could matter dramatically, later.  Due Diligence involves a lot of law.   Spend wisely on legal assistance, starting long before a contract is signed.  See my "testimonials" page.   I provide lots of value here, very cost-effectively.   

Real Estate Involved in an Estate Plan, or in Trust Administration, or passing through Probate.  Nearly everyone owns at least a house.   Maybe a vacation home, or agricultural land, or hobby / recreational land.   Every estate plan needs to carefully consider, decide, and document how every piece of land will be owned, managed, sold or liquidated, after you die.   Not doing so is common, but sad; it always creates legal delays, extra costs, and sometimes worse nightmares.   Get yours titled and "set up" right, in advance, while you're healthy.   Doing so will pay huge dividends. 

Real Estate Disputes, Disagreements, and Litigation.  Given it's value, perhaps it is not surprising that a great many disputes arise from ownership or control over real estate.   Families fight over rights to dad's home, or the family farm.   Investment partnerships go sour and must be broken up and wound down, or someone bought out.  Leases go sour, or tenants default, or need to relocate for various reasons.   I've handled most of these types of disputes, negotiating, or sometimes litigating, excellent resolutions that (a) protect and enhance my client's rights and economic position, and (b) IF desired, strives to preserve the relationship among the various parties, too.   I can help.   Consult me about How.